Sweet Buck Treats Full Case

Sweet Buck Treats Full Case
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* Sweet Buck Treats Full Case:

To order, please call 920-621-7100

This case of masking scents contains 10, 4oz bottles of each of the following products (30 bottles total) (You may also request the entire case contain all of the same product above):

  • Sweet Buck Treats Acorn Essence
  • Sweet Buck Treats Apple Essence
  • Sweet Buck Treats Sweet Corn Essence

All Natural • Non-Toxic • Environmentally Safe

Sweet Buck Treats are made to mask you with a fresh scent that all deer enjoy and will follow back to your hunting area where you will be waiting to bag your trophy big buck.  This product can be applied to your clothing with no need to wash clothing the night before. 

Just spray the product onto your clothes and hit the trail, or apply Sweet Buck Treats to a tree stump, hunting stand, or on trees and brush near your hunting stand, and those big bucks will be on their way to you.  This masking scent was designed with the bow and gun deer hunter in mind with easy to carry and easy to use products.  Sweet Buck Treats masking scents will last for 24 hours before needing to be reapplied.

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