Welcome to Victorian Era

Here at Victorian Era, we formulate essential and base oils into massage oil products to help people with arthritis, sore muscles, carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia. 

We use organic essential oils in all of our products along with organic soybean oil as a base.  Soybean oil soaks into the skin easily, and is rich in vitamin E.  Our massage oils have been formulated after many years of research, and cross-referencing old historical essential oil books with family remedies.

Victorian Era was first formulated and manufactured back in 2002 through 2006 under the name of Exotic Scents.  As a small essential oil company, we sold the massage oils throughout Northeastern Wisconsin at music events and small businesses.

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Through the production of our massage oils, we at Victorian Era strive to sooth the pain and suffering of people ailing from arthritis, carpal tunnel, sore muscles, and fibromyalgia.

Victorian Era massage oil comes in easy to pore 8 ounce bottles and the 4 ounce bottles come in a sprayer top.  Our massage oils will sooth and help in relieving your pain, letting you feel younger and able to do things with ease again.  So try one of our massage oils and you will feel the relief in your muscles and joints, along with relief from pain associated with inflammation.

Arthritis Massage Oils